Aluminum windows and doors

Aluminum windows and doors have been made from high strength profiles for dozens of years. The arrangement of rigid profiles allows the manufacture of doors, windows, conservatories, terraces, porches and large structures. All profiles used for the production of aluminum doors and windows are time-tested, it can withstand frequent use and significant wind, snow and static loads.

Aluminum windows are lightweight and highly durable.

Aluminum profiles are well suited for all types of glazing, especially for large-area glass structures. Aluminum doors are necessity in public buildings, since only they are able to work under heavy loads, while maintaining their tightness and geometric shape. Aluminum windows are used in places where large-scale glazing is necessary, because such structures are able to withstand strong shocks and heavy wind. The aluminum profile retains its properties for many years, and withstands significant temperature fluctuations.

Aluminum windows and doors in combination with insulating glazing units.

Depending on the type of glazing, the aluminum profile for doors and windows can be thermally non-insulated (“cold”) or thermally insulated (“warm”). The profile allows the manufacture of sliding doors, swing doors and windows, all types of glazing, form and design. The cost of the cold profile windows is lower, because they are made from a single-chamber profile. A thermally insulated profile for windows and doors is a multi-chamber system internally divided by a “thermal bridge”, i.e. , between the external and internal wall of the profile, there is a thermal insert that prevents the leakage of heat so that profile remains thermally insulated indoors.

Thermally non-insulated (“cold”) profile:
  • It is used indoors for the manufacture of doors and partitions
  • it protects the premises outside from snow, wind and dust, and is suitable for glazing loggias and balconies, terraces and verandas
  • Profile 43 – 48 – 62 mm
  • Glass 4 – 12 mm
  •  Sliding and rotating hardware
Thermally insulated (‘warm”) profile.
  • Profile with polyamide insert, which is a thermal bridge.
  • It is used for the manufacture of thermally insulated aluminum windows and doors, installed in any heated and unheated rooms.
  • It is used for the manufacture of thermally insulated aluminum windows and doors, installed in any heated and unheated rooms
  • Profile 52 – 62 – 72 – 96 mm
  • insulating glazing units 24 — 50 mm
  • Sliding and rotating hardware
  • Profile with polyamide insert, which is a thermal bridge.

Sliding system ALT100 is a profile system designed for glazing loggias and balconies. The system allows installation of sliding; side-hung and fixed sashes/panels. Frames can be had 60 or 90 mm wide.

  • Single glass 4-5-6 mm
  • Opening at 50% or 70%
  • Sashes with a profile width of 38 mm
  • Mosquito net can be installed
  • Low threshold for porch and terrace doors is optional
  • 2 to 6 movable sashes/panels can be installed in one frame.
  • The sealant excludes penetration of wind and vibration of sashes/panels

Aluminum partitions from the ALT C43 profile — are used for the manufacture of internal structures that do not require thermal insulation, such as vestibules, display cases or partitions, as well as doors. The system allows the use of glass fillings, aluminum panels, sandwich fillings, as well as polycarbonate panels up to 24 mm thick.

  • Depth of profiles 43 mm
  • Filling thickness up to 24 mm
  • Minimum visible frame width 45 mm
  • Minimum visible sash width 63.5 mm

Glazing system without thermal break ALT C48 — is designed for internal and external building structures that do not require thermal insulation. It is intended for internal and external development that does not require thermal insulation. It is used for the manufacture of windows, doors, swinging doors using floor closers, as well as for the manufacture of automatic sliding doors.

  • Filling from 4mm to 30mm.
  • Width of profiles 26mm, 36mm, 50mm

Aluminum windows / doors system ALT W62 — is a three-chamber system of profiles, with a thermo-insert that guarantees high thermal resistance parameters. Three-chamber design increases the rigidity of the profiles, and makes it possible to produce large-dimension structures. The inserts can be used with a thickness of 28 – 40 mm; moreover, arched structures can be made.

  • Air permeability: class A
  • Soundproofing: Class B (33 dB)
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient:  0.61 Uw
  • Wind load resistance: – class A

Window and door system ALT W72 with a thermal break is a profile system used for the manufacture of windows with increased thermal insulation requirements. The thermal-break aluminum profile is used for the manufacture of doors and windows. The system uses thermal insulation inserts. The mounting depth of the profile is 72 mm, filling up to 50 mm. It can be equipped with a “drop-down” threshold.

  • Soundproofing up to 43 dB
  • Wind load resistance class A
  • Used to manufacture complex translucent structures
  • Used to build modern energy-efficient buildings

System of thermally insulated sliding windows and doors ALT GS106 is an excellent solution for glazing verandas, porches, terraces, restaurants and use in private homes. Thermal-insulation sliding windows and doors with glazing units up to 2700 mm high.

  • Thermal insulation up to 0.6 Uw
  • Possible to equip with 2-3-6 sashes/panels
  • High level of soundproofing
  • Possible sashes/panels weight up to 200 kg

ALT SL160 system of sliding doors with glazing units for large structures featuring the maximum panel width 3200 mm, height 3300 mm, maximum width of the whole structure up to 19 meters. Filling up to 54 mm, maximum weight of one panel up to 440 kg. The system provides sample opportunities in the design of large openings since the thermally insulated sliding structures can replace a wall.

  • Hardware manufacturer: HauTau, Germany
  • Guide rail made of stainless steel
  • Provides smooth glide of door panels weighing up to 400 kg
  • Use of heavy two-chamber glazing units up to 54 mm thick is possible

The ALT F50 facade glazing system is designed for glazing facades of a large area, as well as for the manufacture of inclined translucent coatings, lamps, domes, cupolas, winter gardens and other structures. The supporting frame is vertical (posts) and horizontal (transom) components that have a visible width of 50 mm, which provides lightness and transparency of stained glass structures.

  • Soundproofing at least 31 db
  • External visible width 50 mm
  • mm Filling thickness  4 to 62 mm
  • Depth of mullions and transoms  12-270 mm
  • Maximum filling mass 700 kg
  • Thermal conductivity of the mullion-transom unit is Uw = 0.6-1.8W / m2K according to EN ISO

NT78EI Fire doors system is a three chamber system of profiles for the manufacture of fire walls. NT78EI allows the manufacture of single or double doors opening in and out with various thresholds. The system uses thermo gaskets with a width of 35 mm. The depth of the profiles of the frames and door panels is 78 mm.

From specialized systems we can produce structures of any purpose and complexity, including swing and sliding systems, as well as folding doors that can be used in summer cafes and other facilities where access to the room is required from different sides. All profiles are painted in standard (white, grey, and brown) as well as non-standard colors, which can be viewed in the RAL catalogue. The color quality of the profiles meets the requirements of Qualicoat 2000.


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